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The Script is going to be more than just a newsletter.  It’s will be a short magazine.  For years now it has been the vision of our pastor to highlight the members of our church.  That is really the full intent of the magazine.  We will not be focused on general current event, but instead current event in the lives of the members of True Covenant Church.

In the sample edition of The Script you can hear from Ariel “Foxy” Ginyard, who at the time had recently turned 21.  We talked to her about this transition in her life, where she was headed, and how she planned to get there.  Also, we had a newly consecrated deacon in our church, Deacon Jonathan Holly.  We talked to him about the weight of his new role and how he planned to meet and even exceed the expectations place upon him. 

There will also be other articles and interviews with other members.  For example, Sister Tresyne Johnson.  She is the longest tenured member of the church.  We want to hear what she thinks about

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the maturity and growth of TCC over the years.  That’s not all.  There will be personal testimonies and encouraging words from different ones in the church.

You won’t want to miss out on your copy of  The Script.  In fact, you’ll want to subscribe to receive every edition that comes out.  Subscribe today!

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