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Derrick Martin has a problem. At just 16 years old he is hooked on drugs. Following the divorce of his

parents, after nearly 18 years of marriage, Derrick

finds it hard to cope with his new reality.  Making

this bad situation worse is the fact that, though he witnessed much of his father’s abuse, he somehow

blames his mother, Lucy, for the split.

Over the past 8 months since her divorce has been final Lucy has noticed a divide between her and

her only son, and she wants very desperately to reconnect with him. She has tried everything she

can think of, but still nothing has worked. As his addiction deepens sudden and rather drastic

transformations happen in Derrick’s behavior; which puts a strain on every single relationship he has.

Something needs to happen, and quick. Lucy and Derrick both need "HELP."

Meanwhile, Omar, a drug dealer, begins to question everything after a series of simple dreams.

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