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Pastor Barry L. Ginyard, Jr.

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About Us

The Ginyard family is a family that God has truly favored.  Barry L. Ginyard, Jr. is a shining example of that divine favor.  He was born in Washington DC on September 5, 1973, becoming the third of five children.  Barry has a heritage that is steeped in the church.  He is a fourth generation COGIC preacher and third generation COGIC pastor.  The Lord has not only anointed him to preach the gospel, but he is also accomplished in music.  As a preacher, gifted singer, song writer, and musician, Barry has served in total ministry for over 30 years.

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After a powerful service at Capital Temple COGIC on Sunday night, February 9, 1992, Barry came to know the Lord Jesus personally.  Under the leadership and watchful eye of the late Pastor Quentin R. McCrimmon, Barry was filled with the Holy Ghost and matured both naturally and spiritually.  Around 3:20 AM, on August 4, 1998, Barry was suddenly awakened by a crystal-clear voice that uttered only one word, “Preach.”  Later on Sunday night, November 21, 1999, Barry used “Problems, Questions, and Answers” as the title and St. John 14:1-6 as the scripture text of his first official sermon. 


Everywhere Barry goes people, both young and old, are drawn to him because of his God-given wisdom and compassionate delivery.  He has preached to, counseled, and advised many men and women with a practical approach and sound biblical understanding.  There are countless accomplishments accredited to Barry's resume.  However, the greatest of them all is his 25 year marriage to Verna, and raising their 4 beautiful children (Michael, Ariel, Barry III, and Jalen).  Favor has followed Barry all the days of his life, and he give God all the glory.

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