2021: Realignment & Restoration

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The life changing realities of 2020 have created in us the need for natural and spiritual R&R.  Therefore, we the members of True Covenant Church have declared that 2021 is our Year of Realignment & Restoration.  To realign is to reorganize.  In other words, to put in order again.  Coming out of a year of such turmoil and pain many have lost their sense of direction.  We as a nation have seen businesses close, civil unrest, and a staggering death toll.  As a community we have been instructed to quarantine and socially distance from one another.  Even as a church, we have been forced to close our doors, effectively ending corporate

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worship for months at a time.  As a result, our everyday lives have, for the most past, gotten grossly out of order. 


Additionally, the massive losses we have incurred over the past 12 months have been great, and must, in some way, be restored.  To restore is to bring back to or put back into a former or original state.  That is what we expect in 2021.


However, as is the case with all things, there is a role that we must play in our expectation.  Therefore, we will realign ourselves with the vision of our church and the purpose God has assigned us to.  In so doing we hope to regain our focus on the many personal goals we have set.  Furthermore, we expect that God will restore to us the joy of our salvation.  With that we expect the value of what was lost in 2020 to be renewed in us, according to Jeremiah 30:17-20.