Our Year of Accelerated Results

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As our country becomes more and more polarized, it appears that we are slipping back in time.  However, we the members of True Covenant Church are pressing ever forward and have thereby made a declaration.  This declaration is based on the promise God gave in Amos 9:13.  There the Bible says, "…the plowman shall overtake the reaper, and the treader of grapes him that soweth seed."  In other words, the seeds we sow in 2019 will grow and yield their fruit faster than they can be harvested.

Also, in reference to the grapes, because of this rapid return; prosperity will saturate our lives this year.  In other words, we expect to see the hastening favor of God everywhere we turn.  Furthermore, we believe the results that should take years will be accomplished in months.  The results that should take months will manifest in mere days.  So, as the rest of the world retrogresses we, with God, press on to greater.  The mouth of the Lord has spoken it!