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2023: Abundant Living

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As the people of God, I believe, we should be more than mere disciples.  We should the physical representation of Christ in the earth.  Men of all walks of life should be able to look to us for examples of who Christ is and what Christ does.  To that end, we must live.  We shouldn’t just live, but we should live like no other.  The Bible supports this theory.  It says, in John 10:10, “…I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

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This is, by no means, promoting the “Prosperity Gospel” that has so many people seeking after fortune and excess, but it is a full-throated endorsement of Abundant Living.  Here is what that looks like.  Acts 1:8 declares that we shall be witnesses unto Him, meaning we shall tell of His character.  Our lives should fully depict God as our Father, and a good Father at that.  So, throughout this year we will be exploring what it means to live abundantly.  However, really quickly, I want to give you 3 examples of what Abundant Living is for us this year. 


1.) Abundant Living is Intentional Living.  You should be purposeful in your life.  Have a reason why you do what you do.  Living intentionally will help you identify waste in your life, and it will push you closer to solidifying and achieving your goals. 

2.) Abundant Living is Imaginative Living.  You should be creative in your life.  Stagnation is a sign that progress has stopped.  In this season, both naturally and spiritually, we will have to be creative to win souls, establish relevance, and grow our relationships.

3.) Abundant Living is Integral Living.  You should live life as you have declared to live it.  Simply put, we must be honest and do what we have said we will do.  This goes far beyond mere declaring blessing on one’s life, but it also means honoring your commitments.

There is so much more to life than we often experience.  Therefore, we declare that 2023 is our Year of Abundant Living!

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